Energy Invoice Tracking

Energy Invoice Tracking

Comsatec Inc.’s newest service features an easy to use interactive web site platform that allows customers to input details of their energy invoices.  Once in the system a number of reports are automatically created. This system provides an audit proof energy intensity and greenhouse gas footprint.

Comsatec provides access to this service in one of two ways:

  • Comsatec staff will enter all details on invoices once received
  • Customers can enter all details and then scan and save a copy of each invoice

Once the data is entered into Comsatec’s database a multitude of other queries, analysis and reports can also be extracted from this data.

  • Web platform to add all energy related invoices (see sample)
  • Detailed Energy Tracking Reports
  • Greenhouse gas footprint per facility (see sample)
  • Aggregate Facility Report