Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement

In regards to forward purchases, Comsatec Inc. is completely impartial as to where or with whom a customer contracts.

Comsatec currently maintains a list of suppliers and will actively seek other credible suppliers. Comsatec has the capacity and systems in place to provide all of our customers with detailed third party accounting for all forward purchases.  This includes group purchasing and individual purchasing with a breakdown to multiple facilities.

Comsatec provides the following services to customers with forward products in place:

  • Estimated Invoice (EI) report showing details of Supplier type of product, contracted quantity and contracted price.  The EI also calculates on a monthly basis an independent 3r party calculation on the cost for each forward product purchased
  • Cost Accounting Summary report.  This report shows year to date monthly costs or savings achieved for the forward product purchased.

Purchasing Strategy

Development of a purchasing strategy would be completed using the following:

  • Budget Forecasting Model (additional cost incurred if not an account management service customer)
  • Risk averseness of each participant and/or group of participants
  • Market pricing outlook
  • Indicative forward pricing

Track Weekly Indicative Prices

Comsatec Inc. has been tracking forward indicative prices for a number of years and has the capability to provide reports on forward pricing.