Customer with Sub-Metering

Company with or Considering Sub-Metering

Sub-metering is the installation of metering devices to measure actual energy consumption after the primary utility energy meter. Sub-metering allows you to monitor energy usage for individual tenants, departments, pieces of equipment or other loads individually to account for their actual energy usage.

Benefits of Sub-Metering

“You can’t manage what you don’t monitor” – It is impossible to effectively manage energy without first knowing exactly how, when and where it is used. Accurate knowledge of where energy is being used is the first step in creating a savings program, while constant monitoring allows the user to gauge the ongoing effectiveness of the building’s energy savings programs.

Increasing energy costs are frequently the largest variable expense for commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family facilities. The installation of sub-meters provides a variety of benefits to the building owner, as well as to the tenants, such as:

  • Record actual energy usage (no estimation)
  • Analytical tool for allocating costs to tenants, departments, etc.
  • Analytical tool for energy management
  • Compliance with green building initiatives
  • Measurement & verification of energy conservation programs
  • Promotes energy savings.

Comsatec Sub-Metering Services

Comsatec provides the following services to sub-metered loads:

  • Impartial 3rd party accounting / billing services
  • Consumption reports
  • Invoice verification
  • Baselines
  • Benchmarks