Customer Type


Institutional buyers often have a focus of budget stability and accountability. Comsatec consults with the clients to develop a portfolio of index and forward purchases and makes sure that the entire process has very transparent reporting and it is presented to be auditable.

Institutions often have specific reporting requirements. We tailor our reports for clarity – making it very easy for clients to see exactly what the costs and financial commitments are. Potential price risk related to daily index purchases are described, as is the reduction in price variability with portions at fixed priced. Other commitments with transport etc. are also explained.



Multi-Residential clients, such as Condominiums, normally desire a straight forward product that offers informational clarity as well as stability on price. This client often wants a fixed collection price over a number of years that will not change and upset the budget process.  This type of customer has strong credit. 



Industrial clients often have uncertainty in their consumption patterns. Large industrial facilities, including those in the north and east, may be able to take advantage of a service offered by Comsatec Inc.  where purchasing efficiencies are maximized through daily management. Reporting can be customized to meet specific reporting requirements.  Comsatec has long worked with industrial customers and is attuned to their needs.



As a trusted agent, Comsatec works hard to add clarity to the process and find value for the customer in a solution to meet the specific needs of the client.