Bundled T Services

Bundled T Service:

Comsatec Inc. offers a Bundled T service that combines all the different services related to a client’s gas purchase and delivery in a single agreement: commodity purchase, delivery to your local utility and any related charges (nominating, balancing, etc).

  • Gas is purchased at the Alberta border on client’s behalf from a producer/supplier and is delivered to their local utility (Considered as ‘Delivered Gas’)
  • The local  utility will deliver the supply to your meter as you require it (Considered ‘Consumed Gas’)
  • Annual load balancing (‘Delivered Gas’ Volumes  vs. ‘Consumed Gas’ Volumes)
  • Comsatec will invoice you directly for your gas supply
  • Invoices are based on daily average of annual forecast consumption and tend to be similar each month
  • Bundle-T is suitable for larger customers