Unbundled Service

Unbundled Service:

With Comsatec Inc.’s analysis and advice, Unbundled Service allows customers to choose the types and amounts of service required for their needs.

  • Your service is completely unbundled into the three segments – commodity supply, transmission of natural gas and delivery of natural gas
  • Comsatec will optimize the segments/services individually to your advantage
  • Large users can qualify for specialized rates offered by utilities.
  • Invoicing from Comsatec is monthly
  • More flexibility with supply transport and delivery is supported
  • The customer may have a storage account to manage and optimize
  • Comsatec may receive daily meter readings
  • Gas is nominated daily

The greatest potential for savings from unbundled service is derived from adopting purchasing strategies that reduce gas commodity. The second largest savings component results from an optimum mix of pipeline delivery services relative to contract demand. Where customers contract for and manage storage as a gas optimization tool, the cost of financing the gas in storage becomes a consideration that must be evaluated as well.