Mission & Values


Comsatec Inc.’s mission is to provide comprehensive energy procurement and management services to industrial, commercial and institutional customers. Our ultimate goal is to assist clients in reducing business operating expenses. Comsatec Inc. is committed to providing a superior level of independent, highly customized and integrity driven service.


Comsatec Inc. is committed to working with clients in ways that are consistent with our values.

  • Integrity – Guided by honesty, trust and sincerity in all of our actions.
  • Service to Customers – Focus on creative solutions to meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectations.  Provide accurate, customized service that earns customer confidence and loyalty.
  • Innovation – Fully support the quest to develop creative and innovative ideas that can lead to improving their ability to serve the unique needs of our clients.
  • Respect for Employees – Value unique and high-level skills, abilities and perspectives.


Comsatec Inc. aims to be the first choice for large energy users looking for a professional ally to understand, control and reduce their energy usage and costs.