Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Comsatec Inc. is an independent agent facilitating the direct purchase of natural gas on behalf of our customers.  Comsatec sources from numerous suppliers and also acts as a third party reviewing invoices and deals. We work with customers to analyze which of our services best meet their needs and often the result is a customized solution.

As part of our regular service, Comsatec:

  • Sources competitive gas supply, provides agency services and transport from one or more suppliers
  • Reviews utility rate classes and options
  • Minimizes costs with spot market purchases for interruptible supply
  • Prepares detailed gas cost reporting
  • Monitors daily gas usage, plots projections, analyzes usage, conducts optimization studies, provides status reports and identifies interruptible services, winter peaking and backstopping alternatives
  • Provides billing services and bill verification
  • Shares market intelligence
  • Manages load balancing needs monthly to minimize the chance of utility penalty charges
  • Participates in the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) proceedings and intervenes where practical to the benefit of clients as it relates to natural gas

For the customers of unbundled services, there is an opportunity for even more active management;

  • Transport capacity is actively managed and optimized
  • Supply is nominated daily
  • Reports can be produced to match accounting cycle as well as the gas billing cycle
  • For customers with interruptible rates, Comsatec offers curtailment delivery services

Through the above services, Comsatec helps end-users save on energy purchasing costs complete with clear reporting services.