ABC Service

ABC (Agent, Billing and Collection) Service:

Comsatec Inc. offers ABC Service. This is for customers who have contracted their natural gas price and supply with Comsatec  but billing and collection is completed by their local distribution company (LDC).

Comsatec will secure your gas at the price you select and deliver it to your LDC, your LDC will then deliver it to you through their distribution system.  Your LDC is responsible for reading your meter and sending you your bill.

  • Comsatec will supply your natural gas at an agreed upon price also known as the ‘collection rate’.
  • The commodity supply can be at a contracted forward price, a variable index price or some combination of the two.
  • The local utility will invoice you for transportation, distribution and commodity.
  • The utility invoice will show the commodity at the contracted collection rate.
  • The collection price will be adjusted over time to match the cost of the supply.
  • As the collection rate does not match actual costs, there is a balance to be managed.
  • Transport may be sourced by Comsatec and the utility’s invoice would indicate this. This is known as ABC T-Service